Can I have multiple products on one subscription?

Absolutely! You may add as many products as you’d like to your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. You must click "Cancel" and proceed through the exit intent survey to cancel your subscription. We require any changes or cancellations to be made at least two business days prior to your next order date. Please note, and this is important - if you wish to cancel an order less than two days prior to your ship date, Further Food is unable to cancel or issue a refund.

How do I update my billing and/or shipping address?

Once signed into your account, select “Manage Subscription”. Now that you are viewing your subscription, select “Manage” and “Update Address”. Update your address accordingly and be sure to “Update” your changes prior to exiting the screen.

Please note that all changes to shipping addresses for recurring orders need to be made at least two days prior to the scheduled ship date.

How do I update my frequency or ship date?

Select “Manage Subscription” in your order confirmation email. Click on Subscription. Select Edit, and you’ll be directed to a new screen to update your frequency accordingly. Be sure to select “Update” to save your changes.

Note that this will update your frequency - not your next order date. To update your next order date, you will need to select “Manage” and “Change Next Charge Date”. Click “Save”.

I cancelled my subscription, but I still received my order - why is that?

If a subscription is cancelled after an order is processed, that order will still be shipped out. Per our subscription policy, we require a minimum of two business days for any modifications or cancellations.